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The Pain Scale

The Pain Scale

The Wong-Baker FACES Pain Scale combines pictures and numbers for pain ratings and used for anyone over 3 years old. Six faces show different expressions from happy to extremely upset wth a rating between 0 (smiling) and 10 (crying). If you have pain, you point to the picture that best represents the degree and intensity of your […]

Our world has a pain problem

Our world has a pain problem. It’s not a drug problem or a mental problem. Dealing with pain has become the norm and as a result we have all tried to solve our problems the best way possible with the resources closest around us. Pain cannot be measured! And everyone has a different comfort level […]

Our Blog is Live!

Our blog is live! While we are waiting for our paperwork to clear all the regulatory hurdles, we are kicking up the blog site to start discussing pain and make it a pain free world for all of us.